About Six Gaming
It all began as a World of Warcraft raiding guild called Six Minutes To Release, founded in December of 2007 by roncli and solitha. The guild raided for seven years until February of 2015, but during that time many friendships were made, and from those friendships Six Gaming was born.

Colzaratha is credited with coining the name "Six Gaming", which was used as a League of Legends team name. That name would later be used for Showsan's podcast, the Six Gaming Podcast.

Today, we are a group of passionate gamers who love playing games with and against each other. You can find us hanging out on our Discord server. Everyone is welcome to join Six Gaming!
Six Gaming's Discord bot
Six Gaming's Discord server takes communication a step further with our chat bot, SixBotGG. When you join the server, you'll see a channel called #sixbotgg. This is where our bot listens to commands and sends most of its replies. All commands begin with an exclamation point.
Basic Commands
Get a link to this page.
Get the version of the bot.
Get a link to the website.
!timezone <timezone>
Sets your timezone. You must have an account on the website before using this command.
!timezone America/Los_Angeles
Voice Channels
!addchannel <name>
Adds a voice channel to the Discord server. You are limited to one channel per 5 minutes. Channels will be removed after 5 minutes of inactivity.
!addchannel WoW Raid
!limit (0-99)
Limits the number of people that can chat in your most recently-created voice channel. Use 0 to remove the limit.
!limit 25
Makes your most recently-created voice channel private so that only you can join it. Use with !permit to allow other users to join your channel.
!permit <user>
Permits a user to join your most recently-created voice channel.
!permit @roncli
Join Six Gaming on Discord!
Interested in joining? Six Gaming is for people who love playing games with others. Join our Discord server and meet people from around the world.